40-year career: Tim Mead shares keys to his success in MLB / by Jasmine Tate

Photo courtesy of OCPRSA

Photo courtesy of OCPRSA

On Friday, May 17 public relations professionals in the Orange County Area gathered in the Anaheim Angel’s press room as Tim Mead, Vice President of Communications, took the stage. After 40 seasons in Southern California, Mead was recently named 7th President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Before he transitions to Cooperstown, NY as a rookie and a vet, he took time to host members of the Orange County Public Relations Society of America one last time as an Angel and share on his experience, best practices and words of wisdom.

With several positions and more than 4700 contacts, Mead reflected on his career with the Angels of Anaheim and the keys to his success.

Words of Wisdom

  1. If you’re honest with yourself it sets you up for everything that lies ahead.

  2. You don’t get anything you want without a process.

  3. The bigger your network the stronger you end up being.

  4. You make your connections and contacts for who you are; the only person you need to appease and impress is yourself.

  5. Mentors are everything.

  6. You get more when you accept or ask for less.

  7. Break everything down to its simplest form, and it’s communication. There’s no substitute for communication.

  8. You never have to explain the right thing to do.

  9. Your heart guides you right for what you believe.

  10. Happiness protects you against burnout.

Career Advice

  1. Keep your family first.

  2. Strive for a career and not a job.

  3. When starting in a new company or role you need to go learn something first.

  4. Save all your contacts.

  5. Don’t complicate things that don’t need to be complicated.

  6. Treat everybody the same.

  7. Take your privilege seriously; impress on people that you’re apart of something special.

  8. Pace yourself and find balance in your life.

  9. Sell what you believe not what you’re told.

  10. Do not take yourself too seriously.

Although Mead has gained much knowledge and experience during his 40-year career with the Angels he credited his prayer, consistency, genuineness, network and communication as keys to his success. While preparing to start a new chapter of his life and career on June 24 his feelings were summarized in three words: nervous, excited and blessed.

“Those are feelings you should have,” said Mead. “I did my job, cared and was passionate about it. This is home and will always be home; I’m proud and privileged.”

What’s the best career advice you’ve received? Share below.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate