Planning a Houston Bachelorette Weekend and Six Lessons I Learned from it by Jasmine Tate

From meetings and schedules to social events, I’m a planner and its something I enjoy. Last year my cousin, Jasmine, called me with exciting news followed by a pretty special request later on that year during my Thanksgiving visit home. The love of her life asked for her hand in marriage and she chose me to be her maid of honor, and what an honor it was.

As the maid of honor, my one job was to plan her bachelorette weekend and in doing so I had three goals I wanted to accomplish outside of making her happy.

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California Adventures: My Favorite West Coast Experiences by Jasmine Tate

Two years ago I entered a new chapter as I moved from Louisiana to California to begin my journey and career. Within those two years I’ve seen several mountains and valleys, but the highs have certainly outweighed the lows.

My favorite memories have been during visits from my family, with my cousins here and through fulfilling work experiences at United Way and TGR Foundation. Although I’m not close to seeing or doing everything on my California Bucket List, here are 10 experiences I’ve enjoyed most since my move.

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Why I fly Spirit and more ways to save by Jasmine Tate

My first experience flying with Spirit Airlines took place during grad school when I did not have much discretionary income and needed to book a flight for a trip to San Francisco with the National Millennial Community.

Although I had heard nothing but negative comments about the airline, it had the best price I could find. By best I mean cheapest. I made it to SF and back to Mississippi safely with no issues. Since then I’ve taken more than a dozen trips from the east coast to the west, and I’ve flown Spirit every time.

If you compare flights on any other airline, I’m willing to bet you’ll always come out cheaper with Spirit. While I’m usually satisfied with the cost of my flights, there are even more ways to save.

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