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IEUW Emerging Leaders Networking Event

After a month-long series of social and professional etiquette workshops, this event gave students the opportunity to practice the skills used. I executed the workshops and event from ideation to execution including:

  • research
  • planning
  • program design
  • event scheduling 
  • collaboration with vendors, instructors, the career center, campus dining, sponsors, marketing team, and young professionals
  • event coordination 
  • evaluation

Read about the event here

IEUW 2018 Chamber Challenge

Chamber Challenge.jpg

IEUW Spirit Days | Employee Team Building Activities

After gaining approval from the President and CEO to implement "Spirit Days" to increase employee engagement during our monthly staff meeting I worked with the marketing and fund development departments to implement each of the themed days throughout the year. 

Spirit Days.jpg

IEUW 2017 Open House

Open House.jpg

Recent Graduate Panel 

High School Art Competition 


TLR Magazine Feature


Educator's Conference Handouts 

Social Media 


Relay For Life 



Le Souvenir Yearbook Graduation Spread