Planning a Houston Bachelorette Weekend and Six Lessons I Learned from it / by Jasmine Tate

From meetings and schedules to social events, I’m a planner and its something I enjoy. Last year my cousin called me with exciting news followed by a pretty special request during my visit home for Thanksgiving. The love of her life asked for her hand in marriage and she chose me to be her maid of honor, and what an honor it was.



As the maid of honor, my one job was to plan her bachelorette weekend and in doing so there were three goals I wanted to accomplish outside of making her happy.

  1. Get most of the bridal party including 11 women in the same location during the same time for a celebration.

    Accomplished: 8 of 11 maids participated.

  2. Stay within budget based on feedback from the party.

    Accomplished: see price break down below

  3. Incorporate activities we had never experienced, everyone could/would enjoy and allowed members to connect or learn something new about another member.

    Accomplished: Most of the girls had never attended a drag show or participated in an escape room activity and many had never met.

As a planner I’ve learned that no matter how big or small the occasion or event one thing that’s almost always certain is everything will not go according to plan. While there are ways to avoid hiccups by planning ahead, rehearsing and allotting extra time, one of the most important characteristics when it comes to planning is flexibility.



Welcome & Introductions (skipped due to late arrivals)

Dinner and a Drag Show at Hamburger Mary’s

Cost: $5 show fee + meals and drinks



Minute Maid Park Tour (missed)

Cost: $15 per person- forfeited due to no-refund policy

Brunch at Phil & Dereks

Cost: $15.95 buffet + drinks and taxes

Escape Room at Houston Escape Room

Cost: $28 + tax and processing fees

Dinner at Grand Luxe Cafe

Cost: dependent on meal $25+

Party at The Address

Cost: free entrance + alcohol


Goodbyes & Departures

Cost: Priceless

Total Costs $48 for activities + food & beverages + hotel fees


While I met most of my goals and objectives, as expected several things didn’t go according to plan. Although being asked to be a maid of honor is an honor, it’s also an important responsibility. After planning a successful weekend here are five lessons I learned that I’d definitely consider if I’m ever given another opportunity to plan a bachelorette weekend.

1. Make sure you understand the bride’s version of fun.

A bachelorette weekend is all about the bride-to-be. No matter how well you think you know the bride make sure the activities on the agenda are things that the bride will enjoy. Her opinion and satisfaction are most important.

2. Keep the bride in the loop.

Ideally most maids of honor will want the bride to show up for their bachelorette weekend without worrying about a thing; their only responsibility should be to have fun. If you try to make everything a surprise, it could make her worry more. Communication is key.

3. Don’t skip out on the details.

No matter how many girls stay in one room, how soon they get there or how cheesy the decorations. Don’t leave anything out.

4. Keep everyone together.

While it may be more cost efficient to split up. Its more fun and cohesive if everyone stays together, travels together and arrives at all scheduled events and activities together.

5. Make sure transportation is included.

Whether guests have to cover their own transportation or not, be sure to provide options. If you’re relying on Uber or Lyft, check rates and share them with those arriving by plane or public transportation early on. If possible hire a driver for the weekend or cover the cost of ride sharing services like those mentioned above.

6. Stick to the plan. Last minute suggestions are not welcomed.

Its important that those participating in the festivities feel included and that their opinions are heard, but when last minute changes are made it affects more elements than you think in the moment. If feedback isn’t submitted early in the planning process, unless its something minor, say thank you for the feedback and move forward with the schedule as planned.

Have you ever planned a bachelorette weekend? What did you learn from the process? Share below.


Jasmine C. Tate