5 Reasons to Love The Father’s House, OC / by Jasmine Tate


There are many reasons to enjoy going to any church, but there are definitely elements that make some stand out from others. I recently began seeking a new church home in Orange County after living here a year and attended my 5th service at The Father’s House, Orange County on Cinco De Mayo. Of the many things I love about TFHOC, here are five that stand out.

  1. Hospitality like no other

    At most churches you’ll be greeted by friendly staff with signs and high energy, but at #TFHOC the welcome team really makes you feel welcomed beyond a greeting and a smile. On my first visit and each one since, I’ve had conversations with many people who showed a genuine interest in me. The volunteers do a phenomenal job of making visitors feel welcomed from the time they enter the parking lot through the time they find their seat.

  2. A foundation of worship

    You can always expect praise and worship, offering(s) and a sermon at every church, but at TFHOC worship starts and ends the service and it’s my favorite! Those who lead it are extremely talented and spirit-filled. I love to join them and the congregation to honor our Father.

  3. Leadership

  4. I’ve witnessed Pastors Matt and Bianca Olthoff engaged in all elements of the church and each service. Outside of preaching the word, they can be seen greeting guests and completing other tasks that could easily be limited to volunteers who follow the command of Colossians 3:23.

  5. Goals & vision

    For many churches weekly services a congregation with consistent attendance is enough, but TFHOC isn’t complacent with starting and growing, Pastors Matt and Bianca envision a freedom through Jesus for visitors who belong before they believe. With bold goal of reaching 10k people through 10 churches, the current and future impact of The Fathers House, OC is certainly worth being a part of.

Where do you attend church and what do you love about it? Share below.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate