True Colors Revealed / by Jasmine Tate

Personal and professional development has always been exciting to me. I have enjoyed learning and growing from conferences, webinars and other similar programs. When one of my friends invited me to a True Colors Workshop recently, I accepted the invitation before knowing what it was about or what it would require. 

On May 20, as I entered the intimate venue joining some of her friends and family members, I was looking forward to exploring my true colors. True Colors is a tool that uncovers key social information to help users understand and collaborate better.

The system highlights four colors: orange, gold, green and blue. Each color represents a different personality type and, through a test and reflection, identifies an individual’s primary color. 

Although everyone has elements of all colors after reading the descriptions and analyzing myself through the cards multiple times, I discovered that my primary color is gold, followed by green, blue and orange. 

The workshop was a rewarding experience featuring art projects, team building, intimate discussions with like personalities and more. Visit to learn more. Although the online assessment is $75. Read descriptions below to get a look into your primary color for free, courtesy of me. 

What’s your primary color? Share below.


Jasmine C. Tate