Career Transitions: How do you know when its time to go? / by Jasmine Tate

When the lights come on at the club…

When a restaurant signals last call…

When you’ve completed all classes toward your degree…

When the street light turns green…

These are all signs that it’s time to go, but when it comes to your career, how do you know? Before accepting my current position at the TGR Foundation, this was a scary question that I asked and contemplated. 

I had anxiety even considering another role before my promised two years. After consulting with several friends and colleagues who had made career transitions, early on or after many years, I received a number of responses that seemed to make the decision even harder. 

After much thought, research and feedback if the following statements apply to you it might just be time to seek new opportunities and challenge yourself. 

1. There is little to no room for growth. 

2. You’re comfortable in your role or company. 

3. You’re questioning your role or organization. 

4. Your current role won’t lead to your career goals. 

5. Your current role isn’t in your desired industry. 

6. Your current income doesn't support your financial needs or goals. 

7. You're unhappy and unsupported. 

8. You've achieved all that you set out to accomplish in your role, set your company and team up for success and are ready to pass the torch. 

If they don’t apply and you receive a rewarding opportunity do as a very wise mentor and professor, Dr. John E. Forde, APR, Fellow PRSA, once advised a room full of practicing and aspiring public relations and communications professionals and “work hard, pray hard and when the door opens walk through it.”

That’s exactly what I did. After 18 months at United Way, I accepted the position and made the transition. Have you made a recent career move? How did it go? How did you know it was time? Share below. 


Jasmine C. Tate