Country Crock Plant Butter made with Olive Oil / by Jasmine Tate

Graphic courtesy of Country Crock

Graphic courtesy of Country Crock

Country Crock released a new line of plant butters in the summer of 2019 that will be available at retailers nationwide in the fall. The butters come in three flavors including Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and Olive Oil and are all dairy and gluten free. The butters can be used for cooking, baking or spreading.

I received the Plant Butter made with Olive Oil from my local Albertsons. Although I didn’t have to purchase the butter, its retail value at the time was $3.29 per 10 oz tub and $4.49 for a box of four sticks.

I tested the butter to make grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. I was pleased with the quality of the product and taste. Country Crock provides more recipes here.

Made with Country Crock Plant Butter

Made with traditional Country Crock Butter

Because I use Country Crock spreads on a regular basis, especially when making the food options listed above, I did a comparison making and consuming both during the same sitting. Here’s what I found.

  • The plant butter is thicker and doesn’t soften as quickly as the traditional butter.

  • The plant butter keeps the skillet oiled while hot unlike the traditional butter, which transitions into a more dry texture after melting on a hot skillet.

  • The plant butter didn’t absorb into bread like traditional butter. After sitting on a ceramic plate for a few minutes the grilled cheese sandwich made with plant butter remained toasted, while the sandwich made with traditional butter became soft on the side touching the ceramic plate.

  • The taste of the plant butter was more distinct when frying the grilled cheese vs. scrambled eggs.

Although I was pleased with the taste when used in both options, my preference is to use the plant butter for grilled cheese and the traditional butter for scrambled eggs moving forward. You can find the plant butters at the following retailers.

Graphic courtesy of Country Crock

Graphic courtesy of Country Crock

Scramble & Toast Tips/ Preferences

When I choose to add meat to my grilled cheese sandwiches, I insert it after the cheese has melted and the bread has toasted. This allows the cheese to cool down from the temperature of the meat and the heat from the cheese to warm the bread. Two slices of cheese is too much for me and I like to feel the same texture on both sides of my sandwich whether its meat on the outsides and cheese in the middle or the opposite.

I use Tony’s seasoning instead of salt and pepper when making scrambled eggs, and I apply it during or after cooking to avoid clumping and to ensure even distribution and great flavor with every bite.

Have you tried a vegan or plant butter? What are your favorite brands or recipes using it? Share below.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate