Tests of Life: Three assessments to get to know you better / by Jasmine Tate


At the end of every semester there are students around the world that feel relief that they have completed what they think will be the last test they’ll have to take, but what many don’t realize is that life will be filled with many more tests. While most of them won’t be graded, results will come through lessons and valuable experience that will contribute to self-awareness, wisdom and growth. I’ve had many tests since my last in May of 2016 when I completed my Master’s Degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, but as a lifelong learner I’m looking forward to the formal and informal assessments that will continue to shape me into the woman I am becoming, the woman I’ll be. Today I’m sharing some tests I’ve taken voluntarily that have helped me get to know myself better from different perspectives. They are all tests I would recommend and would love to chat about your results.

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Spiritual Gift(s)

Although my faith is my foundation, I’ve shamefully always limited it to certain areas of my life. I didn’t think of my spiritual gifts outside of talents that I could devote to church or religion such as singing in choir. While I’ve developed many talents, skills and characteristics throughout my life, taking assessments to identify my spiritual gifts helped me understand what they are and how I can better use them for God’s glory and show gratitude when I’m using them recreationally. Although it is time-consuming I would recommend the LifeWay Christian template, which is a downloadable worksheet that can be found here; you must complete and calculate independently. I also took this digital assessment from Team Ministry. Both options provide additional resources to better understand your results and gifts. If you aren’t satisfied with either of these options, there are several others available online.

Graphic Courtesy of 5lovelanguages.com

Graphic Courtesy of 5lovelanguages.com

Primary Love Language(s)

After reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, a Christian marriage counselor who worked with countless couples over the course of his career. He discovered that the main issue in many relationships was an empty love tank and/or spouses unaware of their partners primary love language(s), how to communicate in it and how to keep their love tank full. Primary love languages identify what make you feel most loved and the love tank is to humans what gas tanks are to vehicles. What they share in common is the need to never go empty. When I read the book it helped me understand several relationships in my life and I was extremely excited to share. Although I would recommend reading the book for a deeper understanding and examples of the languages at work, you can also take the assessment for more instant gratification. It’s simple and FREE, take it for yourself to identify your primary language(s) and make sure your love tank and that of those you love is never empty. Dr. Chapman also offers and apology language assessment and one to analyze your control of anger, which can both be beneficial to relationships in all areas of your life.

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We’ve all seen personalities clash and others that are so in sync it’s annoying. Taking personality tests allows takers to look within. While identifying preferences, motivations, communication styles and other factors that contribute to human personalities, taking personality assessments solidify traits you already knew you had and bring others to life in black and white.

  • Tony Robbins is a life and business strategist that has helped millions discover who they are and chart their path to success. He offers a library of FREE Assessments; I’ve taken each of them and would highly recommend the DISC, Driving Force and Gender Quotient Assessments. The DISC is similar to True Colors. Last year I had the opportunity to attend a True Colors Workshop hosted by a friend. During the training participants and I had the opportunity to complete a number of activities that ultimately revealed personality types through a series of colors. The assessment is available online and costs $49.95. I would recommend the DISC as the results are a lot more detailed.

  • I first learned of the Enneagram during a leadership program for nonprofit organizations, developed by the Enneagram Institute the assessment places individuals in one of nine categories including the Reformer, Helper, Achiever, Individualist, Investigator, Loyalist, Enthusiast, Challenger and Peacemaker. Although there is a free sampler that will provide a similar if not the same results as the full assessment, the extended version costs $12. I took the sample and the full length assessment and my numbers were only off by one or two points.

  • The Myers-Briggs is a popular personality test that I had heard of many times before but didn’t take it until recently. After taking it the first time, I didn’t quite agree with the results; so I took it again twice more and got the exact same type. After taking it three times and getting the same results, I accepted it and dived deeper into what it meant. Myers-Briggs assigns individuals to one of 16 personality types based on your answers to an extensive questionnaire.

Although there are many assessments listed above, I would strongly recommend taking at least one in each category. I’ve taken each of them and more. I enjoy learning more about myself, analyzing findings, processing the information presented and using applications in my life, work and relationships. Most of the statements in the results were accurate, but there were some that were not. Through each test I got to learn more about myself and in learning about myself I was also able to gain some insights on others.

Have you taken any of the assessments? How was your experience? Did you agree with the results? Let’s chat!

If you haven’t taken any, there’s no time like the present; take them now, and don’t forget to share your results. Discussion is my favorite!

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate