Southeastern Louisiana University

College Signing Day: Why I chose Southeastern Louisiana University by Jasmine Tate

May 1 is a day when students across the country make a decision that will have a significant impact on their life. Where we spend college can lay the foundation for our future and College Signing Day also known as College Decision Day is a celebration of that important decision.

With thousands of institutions to choose from students often become overwhelmed with questions and pressure including if they’ll make the right choice, where their friends will be, if they’ll be able to make new friends, and if they will succeed. I believe choosing to pursue higher education is a great first step by understanding unique needs and wants and doing research to find a good fit, students can and will make the right choice. Its also important to remember:

  • Education is not limited to where you attend college or what you learn in your chosen institutions’s classrooms or campus.

  • No matter where you go you will learn and grow.

Although there are many factors to consider here are several that stand out that could help you make your decision or learn more about my alma mater and experience at Southeastern Louisiana University.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer Through Charity by Jasmine Tate

The end of the year brings joy, reflection and charity. For nonprofits of all sizes it’s a critical time for organizations to bring in their final streams of donations. Having been a supporter of nonprofit organizations for many years prior to beginning my professional career, I can say firsthand that generous contributions, large and small, are appreciated and truly make a difference in lives and communities. Although Giving Tuesday of 2018 has come and gone, donations made through the end of the year are just as significant for such organizations and may provide tax benefits for donors. In the spirit of giving and gratitude here are charities I support and their missions toward creating a brighter future.

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Real World Reads by Jasmine Tate

Unfolding stories, true or not, told by a wide range of authors brought me great joy as a child and continue to inspire me on my journey through adulthood. Last year was my first time participating in Read Across America at two elementary schools in the Inland Empire. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the students, sharing the importance of reading and shamelessly plugging my alma maters, Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Southern Mississippi. 

Public education provided many benefits beyond the classroom and gave me extraordinary experiences, adventures and lifelong relationships. Among the many lessons I learned from public educational institutions, Franklinton High School taught me to have PRIDE, Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence; Southeastern showed me that I was more than a number and USM ignited me to soar To The Top! 

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