Love Shots: Sharing the love of social  / by Jasmine Tate

With the rise of social media from the Myspace era into modern day Insta-everything, there’s a lot of sharing happening- information, photos, experiences, frustrations, fears, failures- life. Instagram engages a community of more than 800 million individuals around the globe. Although I’m active on several apps, IG is the one I use the most. As a blogger and communications professional, its challenging to escape social media. 

As embarrassing as it may be, sometimes I pick up my phone and my thumb automatically opens an app. Because I spend so much time on social platforms whether surfing while waiting in line at a register, on a lunch break or at home on my sofa, it’s important for me to make sure that love is a major component of my digital social life. 

After looking through my camera roll a few weeks ago and realizing the number of screenshots I had, I decided to start sharing “Love Shots.” If you follow my Insta-stories you’ve probably seen them the last few Sundays, and it’s something you can look forward to each week moving forward. 

I try to be conscious of sharing love by posting photos and memories of those I adore most, celebrating with my friends and followers and even liking and sharing posts. Sharing Love Shots is one more way I can be intentional and spread the love in the sea of comparisons, admirations, and negativity. 

How do you share the love? 

Comment below. 


Jasmine C. Tate