If you've ever seen me and thought there was a halo around me it may be because I'm guarded by three angels in heaven. When I was younger my mom carried a bag featuring six little people, two were siblings that I never got to meet. Unfortunately 12 years later I had to say goodbye to my precious mother after she lost her battle to cancer.

I recently joined Relay For Life and March for Babies teams and would appreciate your support. The fight for life and against untimely death is more important than we know and organizations like the American Cancer Society and March of Dimes are doing incredible work.

Join me by making a donation. Every cent will be appreciated!


Relay for Life

When my mom lost her battle with one of the most treatable forms of cancer on April 21, 2005, I made a commitment to join the fight against the terrible diseases that take lives each year. My Aunt Gwen took my sister and me to our first Relay For Life event shortly after her passing, and it changed my life. My family and I have participated in many Relay For Life events as one way to honor her memory and fight for others who face the fight. Please join my team by sharing a contribution to help us reach our fundraising goal. All donations, big or small, are appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

March of Dimes

Next to life my siblings are the greatest gifts my parents gave me, but unfortunately there are two that I never got to meet due to the miscarriages. About half a million babies are born premature or with birth defects in the U.S. each year; others don’t even make it out of their mother’s womb alive. Join me in supporting the March for Babies and help more moms experience the joy of a healthy baby.