3 Reasons to Vote for Tiger Woods in the MetLife MatchUp / by Jasmine Tate

It’s been a busy summer for TGR Foundation, and it’s just getting started. Although my to-do list keeps growing, I’m excited about everything happening through our programs. When people hear that Tiger Woods has a foundation they immediately assume that it’s a golf foundation. Because of his professional success, that assumption is expected but inaccurate.

The Tiger Woods Foundation, now known as TGR Foundation, was founded in 1996. After five years of teaching golf camps and exposing students to careers in the golf industry, our country was devastated by the September 11 attacks and Tiger was moved to make a difference through his foundation. At that point the foundation shifted its focus to education and has since impacted more than a million students in underserved communities around the world through various programs. I’m grateful to be apart of that legacy and the growth of our programs and impact.

Being connected with Tiger and his family comes with several unique experiences and opportunities including campaigns like the MetLife MatchUp.

Every week during the PGA TOUR Season the MetLife MatchUp recognizes players who have overcome challenging shots on the golf course. Tiger qualified during the then Genesis Open and advanced to the final round. With his placement in the finals comes a chance for the foundation to earn $750K for our programs, and you can help.

Through a people’s choice competition fans can vote up to 20 times daily Monday, July 22- Friday, Aug. 2. With every vote, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a replica set of the winner’s golf clubs.

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Education is a cause we can and should all support, but in case you need more reasons to vote, I’ve listed a few below.

  1. When you vote for Tiger you’re voting for underserved students around the globe.

    Through TGR Foundation students in communities from Southern California to Washington D.C. and across borders to other countries receive access to quality education to help them build a brighter future.

  2. There’s something in it for you.

    With every vote you can earn a shot at a replica set of the winners golf clubs. If you’re not a golf fan, this could be a great gift or an opportunity for you to resale and make some extra cash. That’s a big win for a little effort.

  3. If Tiger Wins the dollars donated will have a great ROI, as shown through our stewardship over the last three decades.

    Our Earl Woods Scholar Program has a 98% graduation rate among mostly first-generation college students. The TGR Learning Lab and satellites serve thousands of students each year and we invest in teachers to ensure that quality education starts at the top and teachers are equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to help their students be successful in school and life.

Bonus: I’m counting on your support.

My colleagues and I have put a lot of time and energy into this campaign, and I’m asking you personally to support it and help us win. Every vote is appreciated. Please vote 20 times each day by clicking vote and close until you’ve been notified that you’ve reached the daily limit. Llet me know if you vote so I can track how many voters I recruited. The competition ends in three days! Thank you in advance for voting.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate