Welcome Back by Jasmine Tate


When I realized I wasn’t fit for medicine I turned to journalism as a high school freshman. Then I discovered public relations senior year and knew life would be more interesting beyond interviews, editing and articles; I was sold.

In April of 2016 after years of thinking and months of planning, I finally launched my website and blog, “Welcome to the Real World.” I thought the blog would be a perfect resource to look back on my final days as a student and my transition into my professional career in public relations. It would be a tool to document and share my journey.

Every time I scheduled a post, I had excitement bursting from my pores. I would often call my sister and read passages to her, asking for feedback and seeking her praises. The job search process was longer and harder than I expected. As I wrote those words I could just hear my dad saying “welcome to the real world.”

Although I was disappointed with where I was in life, my blog was one thing I was proud to speak about when people asked me what was next. On November 7, I woke up in Rancho Cucamonga, California and began the first day of my career at Inland Empire United Way. As I became occupied with work and life, my blog suffered and “the real world” consumed me.  

Six months later, I found myself in a new role. Shortly after I moved into my apartment, and a lot of life continued to happen. The nonprofit world is extremely rewarding; it gives me great pride and joy to know that every day I’m working to make an impact in the lives of others. I’m grateful for my colleagues and my position as the Community Engagement Coordinator in the Development (fundraising) Department. The big “but” comes in when I realize that I love the world of communication, and I miss it. The blog never left, but I am back. I’m eager to continue the journey. Here we go again!

It’s a cliche, but also true that life doesn’t always go as planned.

“Welcome to the real world.”



Jasmine C. Tate