Work Life

Real World Recipe: How to use a planner to build and maintain work-life harmony by Jasmine Tate

Work-life has been extremely busy yet rewarding over the last several weeks. My to-do list continues to grow and my calendar consistently fills with new events, celebrations and appointments. As I returned from a staff retreat in Washington D.C. last week and reflected on my notes I came across a quote that I highlighted from one of the presentations.

“Find harmony instead of balance.”

General Trent Edwards

After reading that quote I began to think about my life and how to create harmony while managing a hectic schedule. Then I remembered my experience as a student and rested on a recipe for success.

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Jasmine’s Journey: My Charming Charlie experience and response to its closing  by Jasmine Tate

Saddened by the news that Charming Charlie had filed for a second bankruptcy and would be closing all of its stores, I began to reflect on my journey to becoming a “charmer” and my experience growing with the company. 

Dad to High School Jasmine: “If you want to live in an apartment you’re going to pay for it. I’ve never paid rent, and I’m not going to start now.”

The summer after my cousin, Jasmine, and I graduated from high school, we moved into our first apartment together. I was living off of graduation GIFT$ and they were dwindling swiftly.  I knew I had to find a job quickly. I applied at every store in the local mall and eventually got a call from Bridgette Wright, the general manager at Charming Charlie. 

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