Grandma’s secret to living a balanced life / by Jasmine Tate

If you’ve ever seen or known someone who seems to have it all and hold it together you may have questioned their secret or how they do it and more so how they make it look effortless. When I was in high school my grandma (aka “Momo”) shared some of the best wisdom I’ve ever received. Advice that I think those that you may have pictured figured out… a secret to balance.

Momo stopped by for a visit as I was cleaning my room and reorganizing my closet. Before she left she made a comment that I applied to my life beyond cleaning and organizing. .

Momo and I posed for a selfie during our 2017 Christmas Festivities.

Momo and I posed for a selfie during our 2017 Christmas Festivities.

“If you have a place for everything and everything in it’s place, your house will never be out of order.”

That statement was enlightening and made a significant impact on my understanding of how to be organized and find balance. Since then I’ve found places and time for the important things in my space and life including

  • my relationship with Christ

  • quality time and communication with my family

  • health: diet and exercise

  • education and professional development

  • serving my community, my profession and my God

  • striving for growth in all areas of my life

  • and more!

Before you can create balance, you must first identify what you have, do the math (what do you need to add, subtract and multiply?), what’s important and where it belongs. Although your list may be similar or completely different from mine, only you can set your priorities and create balance in your life. What are you making space for throughout the end of the year? Share below.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate