4 Things to include in your LinkedIn Connection Requests / by Jasmine Tate


Although there are more than 600 million LinkedIn profiles, many limit their use of the platform to a static version of their resume. Making connections is one of the best ways to get value from LinkedIn. When you’re ready to expand your network and hit connect, be sure to include a personal note. Doing so allows the person you’re hoping to connect with to have a sense of who you are, how you discovered them and why you want to connect, all things that should be included. With a 300 character limit, this note will be the start of a great first impression and hopefully a mutually beneficial relationship to follow.

Introduction and closing

Start your note by inserting a greeting and closing before entering your message. This practice will ensure that you don’t run out of characters before completing your message. Including an introduction and closing is a professional practice that polishes your message and sets the tone. Depending on the reason you want to connect these can be relaxed (Hi, Hello, etc.) or formal (Dear, Greetings, etc.)

Who you are

This can be as simple as your role (professional, student, aspiring ________, etc.).

Ex. 1 Hi _____, My name is ________, and I am…

Ex. 2 Dear_____, I’m a member of …

How you discovered them

Are you a fellow alumni? Did you attend a mutual event? Did you read about exciting news or gain inspiration from a publication?

Why you want to connect

Many people believe who you know is pertinent to opportunities and success in life. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect to peers and veterans in your profession, and sharing your reason for wanting to connect increases your chances of acceptance. Whether you’re inspired by a presentation, interested in their journey to career success, want to collaborate or learn from their expertise, explaining your desire to connect is a great way to get a favorable response.

Have you followed this best practice when making connections on LinkedIn? Start connecting today. Engage with me on social media using #RealWorldBlog and let me know how your virtual networking on LinkedIn is going.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate