From the ALFC Pulpit into your life: Words to live by from Senior Pastor Diego Mesa / by Jasmine Tate

Outside of praise and worship, stories and scriptures from the Bible, sermons at Abundant Living Family Church each week are shaped and flavored by personal experiences from leaders in ministry. Every time I attend or stream a service I enjoy hearing from pastors and servants in the church who share their life and faith with application of the word, transparency and the Power of God - the father, son and spirit. Our senior pastor, Diego Mesa, has seen life in many elements and shares his stories with humor, faith, inspiration, conviction and most importantly - love. Here are instructions spoken by Pastor Diego from the stage of ALFC to empower and activate you in this moment and beyond. 

On elevation

  • Just keep believing.
  • Let God promote you.
  • Be humble, but stop downplaying your significance.

On struggles and hope

  • Wrap your situation in the word.
  • Believing in God is to look up, that means get rid of the things blocking your vision.
  • Don’t give up on praying for someone living in bondage.

On Legacy

  • You can’t let [your] secrets [of life] die with you; pass them on.
  • Take care of what God gives you.
  • Don’t let temporary circumstances allow you to make permanent decisions.
  • Don’t give the world your best and then come into the house of God and give less.

What are some of your favorite words of wisdom spoken by your pastor? Share below. 


Jasmine C. Tate