Social Media

Rules of Engagement: 5 rules to remember before posting online by Jasmine Tate

With the growth of social media popularity and platforms, people have become more comfortable sharing every detail of their lives.

Although information shared is ultimately a matter of preference, it’s definitely smart to be an objective gatekeeper of your platforms and how others perceive you based on what you release. While it is sometimes hard not to share, remembering these five rules before posting can help you decide whether a post is necessary and reflective of what you want people to see beyond the moment of your experience, good or bad.  

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4 Things to include in your LinkedIn Connection Requests by Jasmine Tate

Although there are more than 600 million LinkedIn profiles, many limit their use of the platform to a static version of their resume. Making connections is one of the best ways to get value from LinkedIn. When you’re ready to expand your network and hit connect, be sure to include a personal note. Doing so allows the person you’re hoping to connect with to have a sense of who you are, how you discovered them and why you want to connect, all things that should be included. With a 300 character limit, this note will be the start of a great first impression and hopefully a mutually beneficial relationship to follow.

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All-Star Status: 7 Sections that elevate your LinkedIn Profile by Jasmine Tate

Seasons of life don’t always mimic those of nature, and changes to your LinkedIn shouldn’t be dependent on life’s changes. Don’t wait until you’re ready to transition into a new career or already moving to your next role to take advantage of the networking platform. Start with the tips below to update your profile and amp up your engagement year-round to maximize your benefits beyond a static version of your resume.

When it comes to the basic elements of your profile, the first step is to make sure they’re complete. By updating only seven of many sections available, you can transition your profile to All Star Status to increase your chances of discovery and grow an nurture your network.

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