5 Tips to use and maximize work breaks by Jasmine Tate

During my retail career and my time at United Way, social media was an escape from work, and I often turned to one of the many apps during my breaks. Now that I’ve transitioned to my current position at TGR Foundation writing and social media are major functions of my role, and now I need an escape from them. 

There have been many studies and experts who attest to the need for breaks during the day, not to mention the right granted by law. Everyone who works a 40-hour work week should take a minimum of three breaks during the day including two paid rest breaks and one meal break lasting 30 minutes to an hour. While these periods and the time granted vary across different states, companies and organizations, there is usually a similar standard. See your employee handbook or the state labor and employment guidelines for specifics. Below are some activities to clear your mind, maximize your time and achieve productivity on your next break that have worked for me; walks and word puzzles are two of my favorites. 

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Performance Review Prep: Five reminders and ten questions for your next evaluation by Jasmine Tate

Bon Jovi said it best: “We’re halfway there, livin’ on a prayer,” and we’ll make it. I won’t swear but I will help you prepare for the your performance review. I enjoy learning about my supervisor’s satisfaction and perception of my performance as much as I enjoy checking boxes on my to-do list and tracking my performance. Performance reviews are exciting to me because they allow me and my supervisor to sit down for an uninterrupted period to talk about me and how I can be better in my role. Quality Time is my love language, and I love personal and professional development. Depending on your relationship with your supervisor, it may not feel like Quality Time, but fortunately for me that has been the case with most of my supervisors. They are filled with two-way dialogue, head nods, laughs and good energy to place into our future at whatever company or organization we’re employed.

Here are five reminders and ten questions to help you prepare for your next review, whether its coming up soon or in the next six months.

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40-year career: Tim Mead shares keys to his success in MLB by Jasmine Tate

On Friday, May 17 public relations professionals in the Orange County Area gathered in the Anaheim Angel’s press room as Tim Mead, Vice President of Communications, took the stage. After 40 seasons in Southern California, Mead was recently named 7th President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Before he transitions to Cooperstown, NY as a rookie and a vet, he took time to host members of the Orange County Public Relations Society of America one last time as an Angel and share on his experience, best practices and words of wisdom.

With several positions and more than 4700 contacts, Mead reflected on his career with the Angels of Anaheim and the keys to his success.

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