40-year career: Tim Mead shares keys to his success in MLB by Jasmine Tate

On Friday, May 17 public relations professionals in the Orange County Area gathered in the Anaheim Angel’s press room as Tim Mead, Vice President of Communications, took the stage. After 40 seasons in Southern California, Mead was recently named 7th President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Before he transitions to Cooperstown, NY as a rookie and a vet, he took time to host members of the Orange County Public Relations Society of America one last time as an Angel and share on his experience, best practices and words of wisdom.

With several positions and more than 4700 contacts, Mead reflected on his career with the Angels of Anaheim and the keys to his success.

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4 Things to include in your LinkedIn Connection Requests by Jasmine Tate

Although there are more than 600 million LinkedIn profiles, many limit their use of the platform to a static version of their resume. Making connections is one of the best ways to get value from LinkedIn. When you’re ready to expand your network and hit connect, be sure to include a personal note. Doing so allows the person you’re hoping to connect with to have a sense of who you are, how you discovered them and why you want to connect, all things that should be included. With a 300 character limit, this note will be the start of a great first impression and hopefully a mutually beneficial relationship to follow.

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8 Career tips from the first lady of public relations, Betsy Plank by Jasmine Tate

The late Betsy Plank was a pioneer in the public relations industry and known today as the Godmother of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and First Lady of PR.

In addition to her contributions to the public relations industry and building leaders of the future, Betsy was also known for wearing staple red and pink blazers, documenting her travels through photography, providing mentorship and sharing words of wisdom. Although her advice was often aimed at professionals at all levels in the public relations industry, much is applicable to all. Continue reading for eight career tips from the first lady of PR,  in honor of Betsy Day.

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