The gift of life and 25 others I love by Jasmine Tate

My 25th birthday was one that I will cherish for many years to come. The people around me made me feel extremely loved and appreciated. While I’m satisfied easily with food, laughter and good conversation one of my favorite elements of gift-giving and receiving is personal cards. I always read the card before opening the gift. Although I’m most grateful for my life and family, below are 25 gifts I never get tired of receiving.

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Saturated with Faith: 3 tips to keep your eyes on Christ by Jasmine Tate

Although there are millions of believers around the globe sometimes it can seem like you’re alone in your walk with Christ. The world’s distractions can often surround you from social media to radio and television. Before moving to California, I never felt outnumbered by unbelievers. Since I’ve moved I’ve grown a deeper relationship with God and a stronger faith. Although it hasn’t always seemed easy incorporating Jesus into all areas of my life has been helpful in keeping my eyes on the Lord. Here’s three ways to help you stay focused too.

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Getting more from Linked In: 5 practices to implement today by Jasmine Tate

During my job search process and first position post-grad school there was one tool that I relied on heavily to research, make connections and learn from a diverse network of individuals in related professions. That tool was Linked In, and it’s one that I still use consistently today.

Being fairly new to California and my role at TGR Foundation, Linked In has given me helpful information to meet locals and get involved. As an frequent user and advocate for the site here are five ways to use Linked In outside of job searching.

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Why I fly Spirit and more ways to save by Jasmine Tate

My first experience flying with Spirit Airlines took place during grad school when I did not have much discretionary income and needed to book a flight for a trip to San Francisco with the National Millennial Community.

Although I had heard nothing but negative comments about the airline, it had the best price I could find. By best I mean cheapest. I made it to SF and back to Mississippi safely with no issues. Since then I’ve taken more than a dozen trips from the east coast to the west, and I’ve flown Spirit every time.

If you compare flights on any other airline, I’m willing to bet you’ll always come out cheaper with Spirit. While I’m usually satisfied with the cost of my flights, there are even more ways to save.

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The basics of Toastmasters and why you should join by Jasmine Tate

According to a Forbes article I read recently 80% of the population has anxiety or discomfort in relation to public speaking while only 10% enjoy it. The other 10% hate it and suffer from glossophobia: fear of public speaking. One of my favorite responsibilities during my career at Inland Empire United Way was sharing the work being done to impact the lives of individuals, children and families in the region. I was always excited to serve as a guest speaker or lead tours of the facilities. While I thoroughly enjoy opportunities to speak, it still gives me a little anxiety, and there’s always room for improvement, which is why I decided to join Toastmaster’s International.

I discovered Toastmaster’s through IEUW and jumped at the opportunity when my supervisor presented it. After transitioning to TGR Foundation I continued my involvement, and each week on “Toastmaster Tuesday” I get the opportunity to practice and improve my skills. If you hadn’t heard of it before, now you have, and I invite you to join a network of more than 350K members worldwide.

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