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It's Lit: Six "Real World Reads" to add to your fall reading list by Jasmine Tate

I’ve planned to read 12 books for the past two years. I haven’t achieved this yet, but this year I’m getting close.

I started working toward a dozen with “The Wait.” After diving back into the communications I revisited books from grad school. I’m currently reading “Social Media: How to Engage, Share and Connect by Regina Luttrell taking tips from her experiences interviews and communications model.

While I may not get to them before the end of 2018 the following books are on my reading list. Should I fail to meet my goal of a dozen reads this year, I will in 2019. The best way to finish is to get started.

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Real World Read: What to expect from "The Wait" by Jasmine Tate

Halle Berry, Meagan Good and Gabrielle Union dominated films starting attractive, powerful, talented African American women during my teenage years. Among many other things, they were mega sex symbols. When I heard Meagan Good had married a preacher, practiced "The Wait" and released a book about her journey, I was intrigued. Three years later, I was finally able to pick up a copy and dive in. Although I was expecting a “tell-all” of the couple’s relationship and happy marriage, I didn’t get that. What I did get was much more fulfilling.

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Real World Read: Speaking of love by Jasmine Tate

The last book I read cover to cover made me so excited I wanted to share what I had learned with everyone. I was calling my family members, sharing with coworkers and thinking about previous relationships or situations that could have had a better outcome had I read it sooner. 

Although it was hard for me to avoid skipping to the end or researching an outline online, I was glad I resisted the urge. With each chapter, I was assigning people in my life to different categories based on what I had read.

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Mastering Effective Communication by Jasmine Tate

Many public relations professionals, myself included, live their lives by lists. Nothing beats the satisfaction of another red check mark in my planner. Our first “Real World Read” combines personal experiences, motivational success stories and a simple list of do’s and don’ts to connect the dots of effective communication.

David Grossman uses powerful storytelling and practices he’s seen in action for notable clients worldwide in his latest book “No Cape Needed.”

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His tips come to life with vivid imagery and examples while using his own advice in the text. Although it will be a great addition to your collection, it’s not one that should sit on a shelf after a first read. It is a resource to help you master the power of effective communication on a daily basis.

No Cape Needed is available online at and on Amazon.

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