5 Tips to activate the Lord's Prayer and presence in your life by Jasmine Tate

Growing up in a Christian Household equipped me with many tools and weapons to navigate the highs and lows of life. Prayer is a practice that I’ve been able to use in both ways. Whether I’m working through tough situations, looking for guidance or fighting temptation, my prayer life has allowed me to persevere and help others do the same. Fortunately I learned how to pray early on, but many don’t know where to start or what to say.

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Real World Reads: Top Five Posts of 2018 by Jasmine Tate

Although I dreamed of starting my blog for several years during college it wasn’t until I was headed out the door of graduate school that I finally launched it. As I entered the “Real World” I didn’t keep up. I could have, but I let one missed week turn into many and before I knew it months had gone by that I had been neglecting my beloved blog. In February of 2018, I began to analyze my position at United Way and the thing I missed most was writing. I logged in and started to nurture it again and I’m excited to continue building content and sharing my journey in the “Real World.” More than ten months since I started writing again as I reflect on the year, I’m excited to share the top five posts my readers loved most. Click the links below to back track or catch up!

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Five reminders to take power over fear before Halloween Festivities by Jasmine Tate

Door bells ring and cameras flash each year as people, young and old, go out to celebrate Halloween. It’s the one holiday each year when imitating someone or something else is acceptable. Although many are able to escape the reality of who they are and hide behind makeup and costumes for a night. One feeling that’s inevitable is that of fear. Whether minor fears of a child eating too much sugar or anxiety over safety, here are five scriptures to remember about fear before beginning your Halloween festivities. 

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