Five reminders to take power over fear before Halloween Festivities by Jasmine Tate

Door bells ring and cameras flash each year as people, young and old, go out to celebrate Halloween. It’s the one holiday each year when imitating someone or something else is acceptable. Although many are able to escape the reality of who they are and hide behind makeup and costumes for a night. One feeling that’s inevitable is that of fear. Whether minor fears of a child eating too much sugar or anxiety over safety, here are five scriptures to remember about fear before beginning your Halloween festivities. 

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Saturated with Faith: 3 tips to keep your eyes on Christ by Jasmine Tate

Although there are millions of believers around the globe sometimes it can seem like you’re alone in your walk with Christ. The world’s distractions can often surround you from social media to radio and television. Before moving to California, I never felt outnumbered by unbelievers. Since I’ve moved I’ve grown a deeper relationship with God and a stronger faith. Although it hasn’t always seemed easy incorporating Jesus into all areas of my life has been helpful in keeping my eyes on the Lord. Here’s three ways to help you stay focused too.

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From the ALFC Pulpit into your life: Words to live by from Senior Pastor Diego Mesa by Jasmine Tate

Outside of praise and worship, stories and scriptures from the Bible, sermons at Abundant Living Family Church each week are shaped and flavored by personal experiences from leaders in ministry. Every time I attend or stream a service I enjoy hearing from pastors and servants in the church who share their life and faith with application of the word, transparency and the Power of God - the father, son and spirit. Our senior pastor, Diego Mesa, has seen life in many elements and shares his stories with humor, faith, inspiration, conviction and most importantly - love. Here are instructions spoken from the stage of ALFC to empower and activate you in this moment and beyond. 

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Real World Read: What to expect from "The Wait" by Jasmine Tate

Halle Berry, Meagan Good and Gabrielle Union dominated films starting attractive, powerful, talented African American women during my teenage years. Among many other things, they were mega sex symbols. When I heard Meagan Good had married a preacher, practiced "The Wait" and released a book about her journey, I was intrigued. Three years later, I was finally able to pick up a copy and dive in. Although I was expecting a “tell-all” of the couple’s relationship and happy marriage, I didn’t get that. What I did get was much more fulfilling.

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Praise Playlist: 15 songs to add to your faith shuffle by Jasmine Tate

I look forward to attending service each weekend, and praise and worship is my favorite part. Being surrounded by the holy spirit in the house of the Lord with other believers is an indescribable feeling. What I love more than being one of many worshipping is personal time with the Lord in song and worship after my morning devotional or on my way to work.

I love songs that echo the sentiments of my heart and have a personal connection with Christ while addressing Him directly. As we enter August, check your Praise Playlist for these 15 songs that just might leave you in tears.

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