Credit 101: 10 Ways to build and maintain good credit by Jasmine Tate

Financial responsibility is an important part of adulting that is complex and often scary for many millennials. With a lack of education around financial literacy, it’s easy to begin practicing bad habits. My sister and I recently took an online course on building and maintaining healthy credit that reinforced lessons we heard our dad share on repeat over the years and added some knowledge and tricks that were unknown.

According to Tiffany Aliche, also known as the budgetnista, “bad credit makes for an expensive life and although you can’t build your credit overnight the fastest way to success is action.” Before starting to build credit or continuing down the wrong road the information and best practices shared here will give you an introduction to credit and help lead you down the path toward a healthy financial future.

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Netflix Now: Eight Netflix Movies I Would Recommend and Watch Again by Jasmine Tate

When I transitioned to life as a full-time adult and working professional I had a lot more time on my hands than I had during my years of college and grad school. Although I had heard about Netflix, I didn’t take advantage of the abundance of entertainment until then. In effort to get a good ROI on my $11 monthly investment in the streaming service, I incorporated Movie Mondays into my weekly routine. Because I am a big fan of romantic comedies, action, and suspense films that take me on an emotional rollercoaster and there isn’t a shortage of content, I often struggle to make a decision on movie night. To prevent you from doing the same the next time you sit down to “Netflix and Chill” here are eight titles I would recommend and watch again.

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