Real World Reads: Top Five Posts of 2018 / by Jasmine Tate

Photo by Azusa Takano

Photo by Azusa Takano

Whenever I have a problem my dad is often the first person I call. As I navigated my way through college, his response to several of my complaints and sacrifices was "Welcome to the Real World." Although I dreamed of starting my blog for several years during college it wasn’t until I was headed out the door of graduate school that I finally launched it.

It was important for me to write about things that I enjoyed talking about and share pieces of my journey that could help or inspire my peers and other students. With every post my excitement grew and for a while “Real World Wednesdays” were the highlight of my weeks.

As I entered the “Real World” I didn’t keep up. I could have, but I let one missed week turn into many and before I knew it months had gone by that I had been neglecting my beloved blog. In February of 2018, I began to analyze my position at United Way and the thing I missed most was writing. I logged in and started to nurture it again and I’m excited to continue building content and sharing my journey in the “Real World.” More than ten months since I started writing again as I reflect on the year, I’m excited to share the top five posts my readers loved most. Click the links below to back track or catch up!

1. Panel for empowerment: Key takeaways from Orange County United Way's most recent Women United Event 

2. Fathers Day Feature: The best lessons I've learned from my dad 

3. Emotional Walls: Working through feelings 

4. Real World Reads 

5. Living Single: Appreciating life alone 

What content have you enjoyed the most and why? Share below.


Jasmine C. Tate