Top 9: Instagram Beyond Beautiful Photos and Catchy Captions / by Jasmine Tate

Jasmine C. Tate_ Top 9 IG.JPG

With millions of people and brands on Instagram and everyone competing for your time, attention and loyalty it can be easy to get overwhelmed with comparison. Although most of the time this leads to negativity it can also serve as a source of inspiration. There are many times people look  beautiful photos, feeds and experiences and think about what’s fake, fake, fake, but it’s amazing what can happen when that perspective is flipped.

When I look at Instagram, I try think about what’s real and enjoy the beauty in genuine people, moments, victories and the time, work and energy spent to make gorgeous feeds to share with others. The social media platform that is loved by many can be addicting, but it’s an amazing reminder of the beauty in the world, in our lives and in our souls. I always enjoy seeing people live life and enjoy their surroundings and the people that share their space.

This year my “Top 9” photos represented more than images that people liked. Each photo represented beautiful moments, people and experiences that were 100% genuine and all worth celebrating.

If you follow me on the platform and liked any of the photos shared here’s what you were celebrating beyond nice photos or catchy captions.

  1. Positivity and independence

  2. Personal and Professional Development

  3. Family and Community

  4. Service and Inspiration

  5. Love and Laughter

The five categories above are all important elements and values in my life. Seeing them written out beneath photos gives me pride as my feed is a small depiction of pieces of my life but an accurate portrayal nonetheless. Thank you for being apart of my journey whether you liked, shared, commented or saw a post and shared a personal appreciation. You are loved and appreciated.

What is your favorite memory of 2018? Share below.

Hugs & Handshakes,

Jasmine C. Tate