Finding family from afar: Away yet connected / by Jasmine Tate

"Home is where your family is."

People always ask me if I miss Louisiana, and I always respond with how much I miss my family. Although I'm only a flight away, these four things often remind me how far I am but make me feel like I'm right at home. 

photo by GReg Productions

photo by GReg Productions

1. Food 

My mouth waters just thinking about my dad's red beans, my aunt's broccoli casserole and my grandma's carrot cake. Comfort food can be delicious yet dangerous. Although it may not taste as good as my family's dishes when I'm missing home, I can always have a meal with them in mind, made or consumed with love.

Some of my favorite restaurants that remind me of home include Texas Road House, Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili's.

2. Photos

Sometimes they make me laugh or smile; other times they make me cry. Whether on my phone, desk or wall, photos are always near and serve as a great reminder of the people and memories I hold dearly in my heart. 

Photo by Darian Dyson, @sarcasticshun

Photo by Darian Dyson, @sarcasticshun

3. Facetime 

Before the birth of my nephew, Blaise, I wasn't a big fan of Facetime, however; now that he's made his debut I light up with joy with a call from my brother. It always makes my day and helps me feel like I'm a part of his life although I'm many miles away.

4. Phone Calls 

Although I'm a terrible texter, I love quality conversations with my friends and loved ones. Most conversations don't end before 30 minutes, and thankfully I make or receive a call from my dad and one, if not all, of my siblings each week. 

What makes you feel at home? How do you stay connected when you've left the nest? 

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Jasmine C. Tate