Millennial Money: three areas I invest / by Jasmine Tate

Bills come like clockwork every month, and budgeting helps me to maintain control of my finances. Although I can't avoid rent, electricity and utilities payments, I find joy in taking advantage of opportunities to invest in things of importance to me and including them in my budget. Here are three areas of my life I invest. 


photo by  Azusa Takano

photo by Azusa Takano

Articles, billboards and ads everywhere share statistics and numbers on the importance of saving for retirement. When I joined the Inland Empire United Way team and was offered the 403b investment option with a company match, I took it because I was saturated with the need to do so. Knowing that a percentage of my income is being saved for my future gives me the feeling of a responsible young adult. Understanding when, why and how to move those savings around is another challenge I should learn more about. I’ve been advised to consult with a banker, but have yet to do so. Do you have any advice or resources on smart 403b plan options?


Professional Development 

All smiles after completing my Toastmasters Speech.

All smiles after completing my Toastmasters Speech.

Although I studied communication and public relations for four years during my academic career, through a few recent experiences I have discovered room for improvement in interpersonal communication in a professional setting. I joined Toastmasters and completed my first speech yesterday. It was a great experience, and I’m excited to continue my journey. I love opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and always try to take advantage of conferences, webinars and trainings. Investing in my communication skills through Toastmasters will benefit me in both areas.


Celebrating a risen savior after Easter Services at  Abundant Living Family Church  on Sunday, April 1, 2018.

Celebrating a risen savior after Easter Services at Abundant Living Family Church on Sunday, April 1, 2018.

I was introduced to the concept of tithing early in life. As I was transitioning through high school, college and grad school, I always gave of tithes and offering, but never on a consistent basis until I concluded my academic career. I made a promise to God that when I gained a permanent position I would be faithful with my tithes and offerings. Tithing is a practice of giving 10% of your earnings to the church where you serve. Offerings are contributions in excess of tithes. Pastor Diego Mesa at Abundant Living Family Church always says “It’s a privilege to pull our money out of this world system and place it into God’s system of increase.” Every time he says it I feel proud that I honor my commitment and make an investment into a church who uses financial resources to impact lives and communities globally.


What areas of your life do you invest? Share below.