Inland Empire Empowerment: What I learned at the 2018 Inland Prosperity Conference / by Jasmine Tate


Last Friday I attended my first conference of 2018. Leaders around the Inland Empire joined together in the spirit of growth at this year's Inland Prosperity Conference. There were a few men in attendance, but the #PowerOfWomen definitely dominated the room. Keep reading for the women, tips and quotes that grabbed my attention most. 

According to Linda Hollander, author, entrepreneur and CEO of Sponsor Concierge, "vagueness is the enemy of success," when preparing a sponsorship proposal and it's important to remember that "their problem is your opportunity."

Although the conference commenced prior to Equal Pay Day, Marianne Emma Jeff encouraged women to engage in conversations about money and become more comfortable sharing that "if you avoid conversations about money, you push money away." Marianne is the CEO of the Women's Business Momentum Center where she helps women to achieve their dreams and become the "rock stars of their lives." 

Dr. Leticia Wright is an expert in the Crowd Funding Space and has empowered millions to fund programs, projects and products through the fundraising phenomenon and her nationally televised TV show "Wright Place Television" on Direct TV. Her energetic presentation was backed by many years of experience and led with the importance of economic empowerment, which she says is essential to building motivation. While sharing many important elements of building a successful crowdfunding platform, she highlighted the one thing all campaigns should include. 

"It takes economic empowerment to get fired up," said Wright, and "video is vital." 

Although Diane Weklar, CEO of the Weklar Business Institute and an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, emphasized the importance of building relationships prior to crises, Elaine Norland, President and CEO of A Cone Zone, shared 4 components of a successful business that has kept her company as safe as the streets she has served during her 35 plus years of experience in the field of construction industry, including:

1. Banker

2. CPA

3. Attourney

4 Insurance Broker

The conference was executed through a partnership with the California State University Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, The Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship and the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley Women Business Centers. For more information visit or view social posts throughout the conference by searching the #IPC2018, #IEWBC and/or #IEProsperity. Have you invested in professional development this year? What conferences or resources are you most looking forward to. Share below. 


Jasmine C. Tate