Working with Faith / by Jasmine Tate

The value of faith and family was instilled in my brothers, sister and I from the beginning of our lives. As a child I was never allowed to go to sleepovers or birthday parties of classmates. Both of my parents had multiple siblings who also had children, and our free time was spent at church and/or with family. These are values that remain important and fundamental in my life today.

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I remember attending opening ceremonies for the Washington Parish Free Fair, the largest in the world, my senior year of high school. After prayer the pastor mentioned a statistic that 1 in 3 students continue attending church when they enter college. Those numbers stood out to me, and I did not want to be one of the 2 in 3 students who strayed because their parents were no longer there to force them out of bed and into service on Sunday mornings.

I was always surrounded by Christians who believed and never had to worry about being offensive by showing my faith until I did. As I grew older I understood that my parents kept me and my siblings in the company of family to avoid outside influence before we were mature enough to remain true to Christian principles we’d been taught even when others around us didn’t.

Exercising my faith in all areas of my life is important. In effort to let God in when he’s not always welcome, here are four ways to keep your faith in the workplace.

  1. Pray before and during work hours. Take a break to include God in your day. Share your troubles, gratitude and desires; and seek wisdom.

  2. Have a bible at work. When I need a devotion it’s right there. The bible apps and the internet are also great alternatives.

  3. Write down some of your favorite scriptures for reference when you face challenges, need encouragement or a reminder of who you are and who God is.

  4. Identify other Christians who work with you that you can rely on to pray with or speak freely about Christ and how he’s moving in your life.

How do you remain true to your faith in the workplace? Share below.


Jasmine C. Tate