Adulting: 5 ways to save when you face unexpected expenses / by Jasmine Tate


I moved into an apartment immediately after I graduated high school. It was like I crossed the stage into independence at 18, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. My dad has given me tons of advice over the years. One of the many things I remember him saying is

If you never spend all of your money, you’ll never be broke.

Although it’s simple, implementing it is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately my dad’s advice combined with strategies and applications learned in class and online gave me the knowledge and skills needed to manage my money well. I graduated from college and grad school without any student loans but a good bit of what I like to call “Daddy Debt.”

He always talked about the days when our -meaning me and my siblings- bills would no longer be his. When he started I would think to myself ‘it’s JUST two more bills (insurance and cell phone), and it’s not like I haven’t been paying bills.’

This week "adulting" hit me hard, and it felt like everything and everyone in the world was targeting my bank account. A recent, surprising call from my dad turned not- so exciting when he informed me that the time had come for me to add those bills to my expenses. No big deal, until I realized all the other unexpected expenses adulthood issued me this month, including the IRS.

The frustration left me in tears and led me into prayer where I realized emergency funds are for emergencies and similar situations. Its still painful to see the money go, but I gained comfort in the security of my source “who is able to supply all of my needs according to his riches in glory.” Philippians 4:19

Keep reading for five ways I save money and areas I implement budget cuts when necessary.

Hair Care

For me beauty is an easy category to save and cut when necessary. A biweekly trip to the salon adds up quickly. One way I save is by limiting my appointments to relaxers; even though I love having my scalp massaged during my regular wash and style, it’s a luxury.


I’m always conscious about my nails because at some point every week I’m leading tours and shaking hands. Nail care is important, but I save by completing mani-pedi's at home, usually weekly. I love the Essie Gel-setter Top Coat Polish, and it’s only about $8 depending on where I shop. It lasts longer and saves me about $30 per month. Cha-Ching!


Although I’m not makeup-obsessed, and have a pretty simple routine, using drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline saves money at the register. Apps like Influenster are also a blessing because they provide free product in exchange for your feedback and promotion. My last Vox Box included primer after I had just run out. What a lifesaver!? Sign up using the following link.

Gym Memberships

When I was in college I took advantage of the recreational facilities included in tuition, but always thought gym memberships were an unnecessary expense. Your body is the best machine you can use.  I enjoy using the equipment provided in the onsite gym in my apartment complex now, but if I didn’t have access I would resort to what my mom called “the great outdoors.” I have never spent money on a membership and have no intentions of doing so, which is more money I save.


Spectrum is another luxury that I barely use due to the convenience of Netflix. I haven’t nixed it yet, but it’s on my list. A coworker shared a $30 decrease in her monthly bill when switching to Sling.

How do you save money in your daily routines? Share below.


Jasmine C. Tate