Tripping on Tips / by Jasmine Tate

When seeking job opportunities outside of your current state of residence one of the biggest challenges is securing and participating in interviews. Although video and phone sessions are sometimes an option in the early stages of the selection process, most employers will eventually want to meet the potential newest addition to their team face-to-face. After a recent four-hour commute for a five-minute interview, I decided I would make more of my traveling opportunities moving forward.  

Last week I took a trip to Houston, TX and returned home with many memories, lessons and budding relationships. I extended my stops in the city beyond the locations of the interview building and post office and opted for a more rewarding experience. While exploring the city I discovered several interesting facts and bragging rights of the most philanthropic city in the country, which also houses America’s largest airport and rodeo.

After securing my spot in Super Bowl LI festivities, I’m excited to extend my Houston experience while visiting for training and the big event. Below are three simple tips to make the most of your future road trips.

1.       Research and visit popular attractions and dining options in the area.

2.       Schedule informational interviews with other businesses of interest in the city.

3.       Visit family and friends along the way.

What are your favorite things to do when traveling to new places? Share below.


Jasmine C. Tate