Expressing Gratitude / by Jasmine Tate

Thank you notes are nothing new. Employers and professionals at all stages of their careers note the exercise as a best practice and one that often distinguishes peers and sets candidates apart from their competitors.

The late Betsy Plank, a pioneer in the public relations industry and the Godmother of the Public Relations Student Society of America, is commonly cited for her advice to upcoming PR pros to “leave a trail of thank you notes, certainly at the beginning, but throughout your career, too.”

Because technology is more convenient, an email is often used as a substitute for a written note of thanks but unfortunately does not build the same feeling of sincere gratitude.

After hearing and experiencing the excitement of receiving a hand-written thank you note by mail, it became a habit and practice that I enjoy. Here are five tips to overcome a perceived hassle of written thank you notes and use them as a consistent way to express gratitude more frequently.

1.      Keep a supply of thank you notes and stamps. Books and bulk are your friend; personalized stationary is a nice added touch.

2.      Address the envelope and apply the stamp prior to interviews.

3.      Write the note ASAP (immediately after an interview, thought or act of kindness).

4.      Drop the note in the same city of the recipient’s mailing address, if possible. This allows the note to be delivered more quickly.

5.      Include thank you notes on your to-do list.


When did you last receive a note of thanks in the mail, and how did it make you feel? Share below.



Jasmine C. Tate