Rocking the Interview / by Jasmine Tate

When making the transition into “The Real World” there is one thing you can’t avoid. No matter how much education or experience you have the interview is an essential element of the selection process. Even when rising within the ranks of a company, interviews are often a matter of protocol.

Today I thought I’d share interview questions and statements commonly directed toward candidates to gauge their ability to succeed in specific roles and determine if they are a perfect fit.

The following are general questions I’ve been asked recently. Although I haven’t interviewed for positions outside of public relations and communications, these questions are applicable across all disciplines. Go ahead, answer.  

1.       Tell me about yourself and your experience to this point in your career.

2.       Why are you interested in this position?

3.       Why would you be a good fit for this position?

4.       What would make you an asset to the organization?

5.       How can this organization and position help you achieve your career goals?

6.       How would you overcome challenges of the job and roll with the punches?

7.       What are your salary expectations?

8.       Do you have any questions or comments?

Because I am a talker, general interview questions are easy for me to answer. When preparing for a new potential opportunity, I spend most of my time focusing on situational inquiries that may arise. Because I thrive in fast-paced, project-oriented, results-driven roles, I’m often asked questions that relate. Below are questions specific to public relations, events, and non-profit roles. Others were simply interesting and fun to answer.  

1.       What is your dream job?

2.       Tell me about your event planning experience and the most overwhelming event you’ve ever had to plan or participate in?

3.       How important is work-life balance to you?

4.       Are you comfortable working nights and/or weekends, when necessary?

5.       What draws you to working in community relations for a team versus a non-profit?

6.       What are you most passionate about?

7.       What causes and/or organizations are near and dear to your heart?

8.       What is your favorite program or initiative of this company and why?

9.       What would be your greatest challenges in this role and how would you overcome them?

10.   Describe a time when you had to adapt to a change midway through an event or campaign.

11.   What are your most and least favorite elements of public relations?

12.   What public relations skills have you mastered and which do you need to improve?

13.   If you could be a vehicle what would you be and why?

14.   What is the greatest risk you’ve ever taken and what were the results?

15.   What is your most significant achievement up to this point in your career and why?

If you get through all of these questions and you’re still in the hot seat, it is probably a good sign. The more direct your responses are the more questions you’ll get to answer. Consider this a practice interview. You can thank me later. What are some interesting or challenging questions you’ve been asked in an interview? Share below or continue the conversation on social media. Don’t forget #RealWorldWednesday! Talk to you soon.



Jasmine C. Tate