Moving Forward / by Jasmine Tate

Last week I discussed ten tips for “Facing Rejection” and preparing for interviews. When writing the post, I had no idea I would have to take my own advice this week. I experienced the largest sting of rejection I’ve faced since the start of my job search to launch my career. After an extensive selection process, I learned that the position wasn’t “a perfect fit for me at the time.” 

I felt confident that the position was mine. In fact, I had already written a blog announcing my new role and the end of an emotional journey into a new chapter of my life and an industry of my dreams. I was waiting for an official offer and confirmation. Unfortunately, it didn’t come, and the search continues.

Five things I learned from the process.

1.      Don’t place excessive time and energy into a company or position until you receive an official offer. Because I was extremely excited, I researched every employee of the team, component of the programs and responsibilities and even potential projects, among other things.

2.      Never assume the position is yours, no matter how qualified and confident you are that you nailed your interview(s).

3.      Keep your options open. Continue seeking opportunities and taking interviews until you land a position. Don't let opportunities pass you by waiting for one company. 

4.      Move on. Don’t dwell on the position, analyze every word of your final response or the advantages your competition had over you.

5.      Don’t burn bridges. Keep your composure and always remain courteous. You never know what the future holds and when you may need or work with the interviewers.

I trust God’s plan for my life and believe that his will is better than any roadmap I can develop. Advice from two influential men continued to echo in my head as I overcame the shock and disappointment… while blasting inspirational music, baking brownies and preparing oreo balls. :)

In the midst of the cloud of frustration know that “You’re going to make a great employee for the first organization smart enough to hire you,” and remember, “You’re going to do great things. Just be patient.”

 How have you persevered through difficult processes in your life? Share below.



Jasmine C. Tate