Feeling Relief / by Jasmine Tate

A lot has happened in the three weeks since my last post. My job search process ended and a new chapter of my life began as I moved across the country to Southern California. I accepted a position with the Inland Empire United Way and started my career on the west coast.

Aside from the procedural paperwork and staff introductions, I hit the ground running in my first week with meetings and preparations for an annual fundraising event.

While searching for openings I was focused more on the position than location, but now the meaningful services and resources provided for those in need have overpowered everything else.

Flexible work hours, casual Fridays and my office are some of my favorite perks, but the greatest relief of gaining employment is not having to spend another weekday seeking opportunities. I am proud to be a part of an organization that truly makes an impact in lives and communities.

The scene outside my front door changed from cows to mountains overnight, and I am loving the view. Stay tuned for updates on my journey and efforts to contribute to a world where we all #LiveUnited with pride.


Jasmine C. Tate