Expanding girl power: How to put “women empowerment” into action by Jasmine Tate

Women Empowerment is a phrase used often, but one that is greater than letters and words. While women have made great strides toward equality, there is still much work to be done as we reach for glass ceilings, break barriers and set records.

As a young girl the woman closest to who I dreamed of being was my mother. She was my greatest role model. Although I lost her guidance early in life, I’m grateful for the many women along the way who have helped me become the woman I am today. The words “women” and “empowerment” are more impactful when put into action. Here are methods that I’ve benefited from that you can use to.

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Shake up your kitchen with Chef Jamie Gwen by Jasmine Tate

Part 3 of a women empowerment series hosted by United Way of Orange County gathered a diverse set of women over what Shari Battle described as the cocktail of interventions - food, health and shopping. Local, Global and Me, presented by Bank of America, is an annual initiative of Women United that joins women in the spirit of service, philanthropy, personal and professional development.

The evening began with appetizers, shopping and wine sipping followed by a cooking demonstration with Celebrity Chef and Radio Host Jamie Gwen and ended with a panel discussion on health. Those in attendance consumed food for thought, food for taste and several ways to enhance future meals on their plates including these five tips to spice up your kitchen.

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5 Boxes to check before you send your next email by Jasmine Tate

As a career communicator, emails are an important part of my day as they’re a consistent vehicle of vital information. From meeting and project requests to announcement to mass audiences, I see many email mistakes from professionals at all career levels. Here are five ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes, many I have been guilty of making myself.

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Grandma’s secret to living a balanced life by Jasmine Tate

If you’ve ever seen or known someone who seems to have it all and hold it together you may have questioned their secret or how they do it and mores how they make it look effortless. When I was in high school my grandmother shared some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Advice that I think those that you may have pictured figured out the secret to balance that’s not so secret.

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Top 9: Instagram Beyond Beautiful Photos and Catchy Captions by Jasmine Tate

With millions of people and brands on Instagram and everyone competing for your time, attention and loyalty it can be easy to get overwhelmed with comparison. Although most of the time this leads to negativity it can also serve as a source of inspiration. There are many times people look  beautiful photos, feeds and experiences and think about what’s fake, fake, fake, but it’s amazing what can happen when that perspective is flipped.

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