Real World Read: The Five Love Languages by Jasmine Tate

Last year I read a book about relationships and love cover to cover that made me so excited I wanted to share what I had learned with everyone. I was calling my family members, sharing with coworkers and thinking about previous relationships or situations that could have had a better outcome had I read it sooner. 

Although it was hard for me to avoid skipping to the end or researching an outline online, I was glad I resisted the urge. With each chapter, I was assigning people in my life to different categories based on what I had read.

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3 Reasons to Vote for Tiger Woods in the MetLife MatchUp by Jasmine Tate

It’s been a busy summer for TGR Foundation, and it’s just getting started. Although my to-do list keeps growing, I’m excited about everything happening through our programs. When people hear that Tiger Woods has a foundation they immediately assume that it’s a golf foundation. Because of his professional success, that assumption is expected but inaccurate.

TGR Foundation has impacted more than a million students in underserved communities around the world through various programs. I’m grateful to be apart of that legacy and the growth of our programs and impact.

Tiger qualified for the MetLife MatchUp during the then Genesis Open and advanced to the final round. With his placement in the finals comes a chance for the foundation to earn $750K for our programs, and you can help.

Through a people’s choice competition fans can vote up to 20 times daily Monday, July 22- Friday, Aug. 2. With every vote, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a replica set of the winner’s golf clubs.

Education is a cause we can and should all support, but in case you need more reasons to vote, I’ve listed a few below.

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Grandma’s secret to living a balanced life by Jasmine Tate

If you’ve ever seen or known someone who seems to have it all and hold it together you may have questioned their secret or how they do it and mores how they make it look effortless. When I was in high school my grandmother shared some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Advice that I think those that you may have pictured figured out the secret to balance that’s not so secret.

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