Performance Review Prep: Five reminders and ten questions for your next evaluation by Jasmine Tate

Bon Jovi said it best: “We’re halfway there, livin’ on a prayer,” and we’ll make it. I won’t swear but I will help you prepare for the your performance review. I enjoy learning about my supervisor’s satisfaction and perception of my performance as much as I enjoy checking boxes on my to-do list and tracking my performance. Performance reviews are exciting to me because they allow me and my supervisor to sit down for an uninterrupted period to talk about me and how I can be better in my role. Quality Time is my love language, and I love personal and professional development. Depending on your relationship with your supervisor, it may not feel like Quality Time, but fortunately for me that has been the case with most of my supervisors. They are filled with two-way dialogue, head nods, laughs and good energy to place into our future at whatever company or organization we’re employed.

Here are five reminders and ten questions to help you prepare for your next review, whether its coming up soon or in the next six months.

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Tests of Life: Three assessments to get to know you better by Jasmine Tate

At the end of every semester there are students around the world that feel relief that they have completed what they think will be the last test they’ll have to take, but what many don’t realize is that life will be filled with many more tests. While most of them won’t be graded, results will come through lessons and valuable experience that will contribute to self-awareness, wisdom and growth. I’ve had many tests since my last in May of 2016 when I completed my Master’s Degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, but as a lifelong learner I’m looking forward to the formal and informal assessments that will continue to shape me into the woman I am becoming, the woman I’ll be. Today I’m sharing some tests I’ve taken voluntarily that have helped me get to know myself better from different perspectives. They are all tests I would recommend and would love to chat about your results.

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Jasmine’s Journey: Finding fulfillment and embracing community by Jasmine Tate

“Brave” is a word I hear often when most people learn that I moved from Louisiana to California as a 24 year-old fresh out of grad school. Although I accept the compliment, when I made the transition I didn’t feel brave at all. I felt excited and relieved to finally be starting my career. As time passed I began to realize some of the toughest challenges of “adulting” and life in California, away from my family, friends and familiarity.

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