5 Reasons to Love The Father’s House, OC by Jasmine Tate

There are many reasons to enjoy going to any church, but there are definitely elements that make some stand out from others. I recently began seeking a new church home in Orange County after living here a year and attended my 5th service at The Father’s House, Orange County on Cinco De Mayo. Of the many things I love about TFHOC, here are five that stand out.

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College Signing Day: Why I chose Southeastern Louisiana University by Jasmine Tate

May 1 is a day when students across the country make a decision that will have a significant impact on their life. Where we spend college can lay the foundation for our future and College Signing Day also known as College Decision Day is a celebration of that important decision.

With thousands of institutions to choose from students often become overwhelmed with questions and pressure including if they’ll make the right choice, where their friends will be, if they’ll be able to make new friends, and if they will succeed. I believe choosing to pursue higher education is a great first step by understanding unique needs and wants and doing research to find a good fit, students can and will make the right choice. Its also important to remember:

  • Education is not limited to where you attend college or what you learn in your chosen institutions’s classrooms or campus.

  • No matter where you go you will learn and grow.

Although there are many factors to consider here are several that stand out that could help you make your decision or learn more about my alma mater and experience at Southeastern Louisiana University.

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What to look for in a church home by Jasmine Tate

I moved to Rancho Cucamonga on a Saturday in November of 2016 and attended Abundant Living Family Church the following Sunday. Knowing it was a “mega church” I didn’t think I would make it my home. I had attended local churches with smaller congregations my entire life. They were my comfort zone. I knew what to expect, what to wear, how to behave. A year later, I hadn’t missed many services, but I also hadn’t become an official member. A few months after I completed the “Next Steps” growth track and was added to the roster, I accepted my current position and transitioned to Orange County, CA. For a year I’ve traveled back to Rancho Cucamonga and recently began visiting local churches to avoid the commute. Although I still have not joined a new church, as I visit these are four things I’ve sought, that anyone should look for when examining their current place of worship or seeking a new church home.

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