Expanding girl power: How to put “women empowerment” into action by Jasmine Tate

Women Empowerment is a phrase used often, but one that is greater than letters and words. While women have made great strides toward equality, there is still much work to be done as we reach for glass ceilings, break barriers and set records.

As a young girl the woman closest to who I dreamed of being was my mother. She was my greatest role model. Although I lost her guidance early in life, I’m grateful for the many women along the way who have helped me become the woman I am today. The words “women” and “empowerment” are more impactful when put into action. Here are methods that I’ve benefited from that you can use to.

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Top 9: Instagram Beyond Beautiful Photos and Catchy Captions by Jasmine Tate

With millions of people and brands on Instagram and everyone competing for your time, attention and loyalty it can be easy to get overwhelmed with comparison. Although most of the time this leads to negativity it can also serve as a source of inspiration. There are many times people look  beautiful photos, feeds and experiences and think about what’s fake, fake, fake, but it’s amazing what can happen when that perspective is flipped.

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Real World Reads: Top Five Posts of 2018 by Jasmine Tate

Although I dreamed of starting my blog for several years during college it wasn’t until I was headed out the door of graduate school that I finally launched it. As I entered the “Real World” I didn’t keep up. I could have, but I let one missed week turn into many and before I knew it months had gone by that I had been neglecting my beloved blog. In February of 2018, I began to analyze my position at United Way and the thing I missed most was writing. I logged in and started to nurture it again and I’m excited to continue building content and sharing my journey in the “Real World.” More than ten months since I started writing again as I reflect on the year, I’m excited to share the top five posts my readers loved most. Click the links below to back track or catch up!

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From the ALFC Pulpit into your life: Words to live by from Senior Pastor Diego Mesa by Jasmine Tate

Outside of praise and worship, stories and scriptures from the Bible, sermons at Abundant Living Family Church each week are shaped and flavored by personal experiences from leaders in ministry. Every time I attend or stream a service I enjoy hearing from pastors and servants in the church who share their life and faith with application of the word, transparency and the Power of God - the father, son and spirit. Our senior pastor, Diego Mesa, has seen life in many elements and shares his stories with humor, faith, inspiration, conviction and most importantly - love. Here are instructions spoken from the stage of ALFC to empower and activate you in this moment and beyond. 

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Hope, Hills and Valleys: Three songs that help me get through rough times by Jasmine Tate

Most of the people who know and love me would describe me as optimistic. I am generally a happy person, but I am human and have my rough moments too. Music is powerful tool to change  perspectives and attitudes. Below are three songs that always remind me of my blessings and help me get through unfavorable days or moods. Read and click below for three songs that always lift my spirits because...

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